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Our ethos is simple.
To always be healthy, natural, full of flavour and packed with nuts.

11:11 Granola stems from our love of healthy food. Only the best quality, with nothing nasty added. What started off as a wholesome breakfast we would make for our family has grown into something we love sharing with you all. 

And the name?


Well, for as long as we can remember, whenever we check the time we see the numbers 11:11. This coincidence sparked our curiosity and we learned that this number sequence is believed to be a clear sign of an opportunity opening up. So how could we pass up this opportunity to share our delicious granola?

Each granola batch is made from the best quality ingredients, with nothing nasty added.  It’s simply the perfect way to start your day.


We've done all the hard work for you. Our master granoligist, has painstakingly roasted the finest ingredients so that you can savour the ultimate hand-made granola.

Be warned, it is highly addictive!