Nutrition Bar & 11:11 Granola

11:11 Granola had been a proud supplier to the Nutrition Bar in St Kilda, Windsor and Richmond since the early days of both businesses.

Nutrition Bar serves our granola in various delicious ways, such as atop their super popular acai bowls. Acai berries are a fruit native to Brazil, and are blended with coconut water and banana to a soft-serve like consistency. When topped with our blend of either toasted or gluten-free granola, the acai bowl becomes a nutritious and satisfying breakfast, or all day snack, for those on the go. 

Ice cream lovers can also indulge in the Nutrition Bar’s latest offering: CocoWhip. CocoWhip is a soft-serve frozen treat which is vegan, gluten free and dairy free. We’ve been told that our granola has developed a bit of a cult following at Nutrition Bar and people are asking for it on everything, including CocoWhip. Sounds like a match made in heaven!  


Head down to one of the 3 Nutrition Bar locations around Melbourne and check us out! You can also visit them at:


Rob Rabba